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h o w  i t  a l l  b e g a n . . . . 

like most young girls, when i was around 12 years old, i would sneak into my mum's wardrobe and pull out a white beaded  dress, stand in the mirror with a pillowcase on my head and stand posing in the mirror for as long as i could.  I think that was when the passion started. growing up i would always adore wedding gowns and admired the detail, fabric, style, beading, lace....the list was endless. when i was 17 i realised that 'one day' i would have my own bridal studio and here i am, 14 years later.

after having a phone call with my business coach, discussing my current fitness business, i stopped half way through the conversation and said 'i just think i need something new'. she replied, 'such as?' and i admitted i didn't quite know. i knew i didn't want to give up my current business but also that i needed a different adventure to run alongside it. My business coach told me 'to go and set my soul on fire'. That's what i did. (Not literally, but i took myself out for lunch, had a long walk along the beach and relaxed as much a as i could. 
That night, scrolling before bed (as we all do), I saw that a shop was shutting in my local town. This shop was always THE shop I had dreamed of having as April Moon Bridal. I just knew in that moment that this was it. I contacted the owner the next morning and ever since, everything has flowed exactly as it should. The journey of opening my dream wedding dress shop has finally turned into my reality.... and I could not be happier.
of course the best bit will be helping my lovely brides saying yes to their dream dress and i cannot wait for all those moments too!

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